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What to Do After a House Fire

Real estate conceptIt’s comforting to believe it will never happen to you, but because there are over one million house fires each year in the United States, it is certainly possible for such a disaster to befall your home.

The most important thing to remember, in the event of a fire, is to get everyone out of the house immediately. Second, there is nothing in your house that is worth your life; call 911 and you’re confronted with rebuilding your life, what should you do? Follow these six steps to get your life back to normal.

Call your insurance agent. This is the best person with whom to discuss your rebuilding options. For now, talk only to your insurance agent and public adjusters.

Find a place to stay. If you can’t stay in the home due to damage, your homeowners insurance policy will probably cover the cost of staying elsewhere. Ask your agent if your policy includes a “loss of use” clause. If so, your policy will pay for “like kind and personal needs during your stay elsewhere.

Ask for a reference to a restoration company. If you will be moving back into the home, ask your insurance agent about a restoration services to help you clean up soot and water damage.

Separate damaged and they weren’t destroyed in the fire), these can also help in the claims process. Photographic evidence is also useful, or you might use bank statements to locate transactions for large purchases.

Protect undamaged property. If you aren’t inhabiting the home right now, then your property could be subject to theft or vand place them in a storage unit for now.

Cooperate with the insurance company’s investigation. Your homeowners insurance company will prioritize your fire damage claim, but you need to be present for all meetings, return phone calls promptly, and complete requested paperwork as soon as possible.