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Update Your Homeowner’s Insurance for the Holidays

homeowners insuranceWith the holiday season rapidly approaching, you may be preoccupied with shopping for gifts and finding great Black Friday deals for yourself. But there’s one more very important thing you need to shop for at this time of year: Make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy includes enough contents coverage, or purchase renter’s insurance if you rent your home.

There are actually several very good reasons that your homeowner’s  insurance policy becomes even more vital at this time of year.

Fires are more common during the holiday season. Fire insurance claims actually increase at this time of year, due to the festive cand December. As the air becomes chilly, you may also find yourself using space heaters – another fire hazard. Not only is your entire home at great risk of a fire during these months, but all of your expensive new gifts could be lost as well.

Theft also becomes more common at this time of year. Thieves know that we tend to go on trips to visit family for the holidays, and other common gifts. This means your new stuff is ripe for the picking.

Since your home is at greater risk at this time of year, update your homeowner’s insurance policy to be sure your contents coverage will sufficiently reimburse you for any losses. If you rent your home, consider purchasing renter’s insurance for the same reasons.