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Unauthorized Immigrants Can Now Purchase Auto Insurance

iStock_000026312631_SmallAs you may have heard, beginning on January 1 unauthorized immigrants will be allowed to obtain California drivers licenses. The new law aims to cut down on the number of illegal drivers on our roads. Currently, there are about 1.4 million uninsured drivers in the state of California. Lawmakers believe many of these to be immigrants who have so far been unable to obtain a drivers license or auto insurance.

But like all drivers in California, before newly-licensed unauthorized immigrants can register their vehicles and drive legally on the roads, they’ll need to fulfill one more requirement: Purchase at least the minimum amount of auto liability insurance.

Currently, the high number of unauthorized drivers on the road has impacted auto insurance premiums for everyone. Without a legal drivers license, these drivers cannot obtain liability insurance, so the burden of car repairs after accidents usually falls on other drivers. Once these drivers are able to obtain proper auto insurance, we will hopefully see a decrease in rates for everyone.

But what about unauthorized immigrants who cannot afford auto insurance? Luckily, lawmakers anticipated that question. Also beginning January 1, unauthorized immigrants will also be eligible to purchase auto insurance through the California Low Cost Auto Insurance program. Those who are eligible under the program’s income restrictions will be able to protect themselves with auto insurance.