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Ten Least Expensive Cars to Insure in California

car insuranceThe cost of your car insurance is based on a number of factors, including the type of car for which you purchase coverage. If you’re wondering about the least expensive cars to insure, check out this list recently released by Mercury Insurance:

1. Honda Odyssey (minivan)

2. Scion XB (compact car)

3. Nissan Sentra (compact car)

4. Honda Fit (subcompact car)

5. Toyota RAV4 (crossover SUV)

6. Toyota Sienna (minivan)

7. Mini Cooper Clubman (premium compact car)

8. Toyota Corolla (compact car)

9. Toyota Highlander (midsize SUV)

10. Honda Pilot (crossover SUV)

Insurance coverage for all of the vehicles on this list is more than ten percent cheaper than the average cost of insurance through Mercury.

While insurance rates can vary depending upon your driving history, age, number of traffic tickets, and so on, clear trends are still visible when analyzing data concerning car insurance costs. If all other factors are kept equal, some vehicles are indeed cheaper to insure than others.

The lower costs of premiums for these vehicles can be attributed to two main factors: Statistically, these cars are involved in fewer crashes than other makes and models. When they are involved in an accident, their repair costs tend to be lower, on average, than the repair costs for other types of vehicles. Similar to the way an insurance company considers you at lower risk of having an accident when you have a clean driving record, drivers of these vehicles are considered at lower risk due to accident statistics. Likewise, lower repair costs also translate into lower risk for the insurance company.

Of course, these particular vehicles were named specifically by Mercury as the ten cheapest to insure, meaning the rates to insure them might not be the same with another insurance carrier. Still, since another insurance company probably calculates risk in a similar manner, it makes sense to pay attention to this list. If you’re in the market to purchase a new car, and you hope to get the lowest insurance premiums possible, the type of vehicle you purchase is one factor you should definitely consider.