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Six Things That Can Make Getting Homeowners Insurance Difficult

homeowners insuranceShopping for homeowners insurance isn’t always as simple as walking into an insurance office and knowing them ahead of time can sometimes help you to avoid a costly mistake.

Owning a dog. Many homeowners don’t realize that dog bites account for about one third of insurance claims. As a result, many insurers won’t touch you if you own certain breeds like Rottweilers or Pit Bulls. Even if your dog is considered a harmless breed, you could have trouble gaining insurance if he has a history of biting.

Outdated electrical wiring. Old knob and is hard for many homeowners to afford.

Letting your policy lapse. New customers are held to strict stand if you’ve let your insurance lapse you will be considered a new customer by any insurance company with whom you apply. This alone can make it difficult to gain insurance, or at least make it more expensive.

Past claims. About 70 percent of insured homeowners never have a loss. Of the remaining 30 percent, about 18 percent file only one claim, and 12 percent file two or more claims. Due to the fact that only a minority of people ever file a claim, they are instantly viewed as a high risk group by many underwriters.

Unrelated people in the home. If your household consists of several unrelated, unmarried individuals, insurance carriers may consider this to be a risk factor. Whatever the situation actually may be, they sometimes consider these living arrangements to be at higher risk for parties (vand other risks.

No pride of ownership. Some insurers like to see proof that a property is well-maintained before insuring it, so things like clogged gutters, tall grass, peeling paint, and even non-working vehicles in the driveway can be seen as signs of high risk.

Any time it becomes difficult to gain homeowners insurance, speak to an insurance agent who works with multiple insurance companies. You can get insight into problems that are seen as high risk by insurers, and the surrounding areas.  Our success rate at securing coverage for even the toughest cases is excellent.