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Rain is Welcome, but Can Cause Problems for Homeowners

Over the past two months, a series of storms has dumped feet of rain and even snow throughout California. We’re happy to see it, after experiencing a severe drought for the past few years, but excessive rainfall can cause problems too.

Rain on umbrellaWhen droughts dry out the land covering their deductible.

In California, our weather patterns don’t typically lend themselves to so much rain and financial situations can change.

If you’re worried about more upcoming wet weather, and what would happen if your home sustained damage, call us for an appointment. We can meet with you to discuss your policy, to make sure it adequately covers your property.

We can also provide you with information on documenting your home value and then help you through the claims process if something does happen.

One final note: Remember that homeowner’s insurance covers damage from rainfall, such as leaking roofs or downed trees, but it does not cover damage from floods. A flood is usually defined as water that enters the home at ground level. Flood insurance must be added separately, if you want your home fully protected from all of these excessive rainfall events! We will be happy to help you compare policies and budget.