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Open Enrollment Season Offers Opportunities for Savings

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As you might already know, Open Enrollment for health insurance will begin November 1. Before you make any decisions about your health insurance policy, we recommend that you review this year’s spending, anticipate future needs, and evaluate whether making changes to your policy could save you money next year.

Making those decisions will require you to review financial records and nearly everyone needs some form of life insurance protection.

This isn’t common knowledge, but you can actually catch a break on insurance premiums when you combine your policies with one provider. It helps insurance companies to keep your business under one roof, and they will usually pass on that savings to their customers.

You should re-evaluate each insurance policy on a regular basis, anyway. For example, your homeowner’s insurance might not adequately protect your home if you’ve spent money upgrading it, or if you have purchased expensive items such as furniture, art, or pricey electronics. Your life insurance policy might not offer enough protection if your family structure, income, or needs have changed since you purchased it. Life insurance providers always recommend that you re-evaluate this policy every two or three years.

As for auto insurance, aren’t we always looking for a way to save a little cash? Auto insurance premiums can vary significantly from one provider to the next, so switching companies (especially if you bundle it with the same company that holds your homeowner’s policy) can help lower your premiums.

Other forms of insurance, such as boat, ATV, or motorcycle insurance tend to follow the same rules. So while you’ve got those bank records spread in front of you, and investigate options for your other insurance needs?

We can help you streamline the process, and we can help ensure that you have the best possible protection for the lowest prices.