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We Are Now a Covered California Storefront!

iStock_000064264459_SmallThe Affordable Care Act made health insurance accessible to everyone, and streamlined the application process at the same time. However, selecting a health insurance policy can still be a confusing process for many Californians. The Covered California Storefront program was designed to increase access to free, confidential help with your health insurance application, so that everyone who needs health insurance can enroll in a plan with confidence. And we have some good news: Strachota Insurance has now been recognized as a Covered California Storefront!

When you seek in-person assistance with your health insurance application, you will receive expert input on the different types of plans available to you. After all, the first step to accessing a quality healthcare plan is understanding your options!

Even if you already have health insurance, you might want help reviewing your current plan. Healthcare plans can and do change each year, so you want to be sure that your policy still meets your needs before renewing it. If it doesn’t, or if you’re simply curious about what else is out there, we can help you compare your old plan to others on the market.

Open Enrollment for health insurance will begin on November 1. That might seem pretty far in the future now, but it’s really just over a month away! From now until November 1, gather important documents such as Social Security numbers for everyone in your household, and proof of your household income (so you can apply for a subsidy to help with the cost of your premiums). Make a short list of any changes that have occurred in your family over the past year, so we can help you determine if your health insurance needs have changed as well.

Once Open Enrollment begins in November, come see us for personalized assistance with your health insurance application. Covered California Storefronts are open to walk-in traffic during Open Enrollment, but we can often serve you more quickly if you call and see how easy enrollment season can be!