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Motorcycle Insurance 101

On sunny summer days, it’s not uncommon to see throngs of bikers out enjoying their “grown up toys’ on the roads. Motorcycles are fun vehicles, but owning one also means assuming a high level of responsibility and side-view mirrors, because motorcycles can be difficult to spot on the road.

The view over the handlebars of motorcycle. Travel theme.Driving practices aren’t the only difference between owning a motorcycle versus owning a car. Your insurance needs also vary between the vehicles.

It’s important to understand to comply with the law.

As you shop for a motorcycle insurance policy, you will notice other differences. Whereas an auto insurance policy is often comprehensive, meaning it covers the entire vehicle once you’ve paid your deductible, motorcycle insurance policies can vary greatly from one carrier to another. Some companies don’t cover custom add-ons to your bike, for example, or they might even refuse to insure a custom bike. Others will insure you but might require an additional premium before they will cover any custom work.

Your driving habits might differ with a motorcycle, too, and that motorcycle owners mostly ride their bikes a few days per month, as opposed to the daily commute most of us make in our cars. If you don’t ride your bike during the cooler months, many companies will allow you to adjust your coverage downward to save money.

Just as with auto insurance, motorcycle insurance is required by law. Call us for a quote before taking your new bike out on the road, or you could face the same penalties as those you would face for driving an uninsured car.