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Missed the Obamacare Deadline? No worries!

iStock_000004401053XSmallThe Obamacare deadline for purchasing a health insurance plan that will begin January 1 has come and delays plaguing the Covered California website, many people who tried repeatedly to apply for health insurance still have not been successful in purchasing a policy. Covered California officials have said that those who put forth a good faith effort to apply for health insurance should not worry about being penalized.

When the health insurance exchange first opened on October 1, a few technical glitches created delays. Then, once things started running more smoothly, high traffic prevented some Californians from accessing the system. Since the Individual Mandate of Affordable Care Act requires most people to purchase a health insurance policy in 2014, many are worried that they may soon be in violation of the law.

Luckily, the Individual Mand will avoid paying the penalty. However, those who lost their insurance policies will still want to enroll in a new plan as soon as possible, in order to guarantee coverage in the event of a health problem.

In the meantime, those who are still having trouble with the Covered California system should call the help line for assistance. In many cases it is simply a small problem causing the delay. Speaking to a licensed insurance broker is another way to get help with a stalled application. While waiting on approval for subsidies, those who are shopping for insurance can narrow down their options and making the first premium payment.