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Making the Most of Your Health Insurance Plan

iStock_000004401053XSmallWhether you’ve enjoyed health insurance coverage for years, or have only recently become covered by a policy, there may be a lot you don’t know about your healthcare plan. We tend to think of health insurance as a method of covering our medical bills in the event of an accident or serious illness, but most plans also offer valuable preventive care. Make sure you’re getting the best mileage out of your policy by taking care of the following services:

Mental health care. Good health isn’t all about curing physical ailments. Most health insurance providers recognize that mental health is extremely important to our overall well-being. Take care of your health by scheduling appointments for mental health care when needed.

Get help for addiction. Along with general mental health care, many health insurance plans also offer help for smoking addiction. Counseling, smoking cessation products, and lower out-of-pocket expenses later!

Services for expectant mothers. Adding a new baby to your family is a joyous occasion, but there are risks as well. Take advantage of your insurance plan’s coverage for baby care classes, childbirth education, and any other services for expectant mothers. Once your baby is born, your insurance plan may also cover lactation counseling to help you breastfeed, which promotes overall better health in your baby.

Education. Many health insurance plans help you to prevent problems before they begin, by offering educational services on nutrition, exercise, and medications.

Screenings. Your health insurance policy probably covers preventive screenings against cancer and other serious diseases. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities, because serious diseases are much easier to treat when detected in their early stages.

Vaccinations. If you prefer to get a flu shot or other preventive vaccinations, your insurance company may pay for them.