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Is Your Home Protected from El Nino?

flooding in luxurious interior. 3d creative concept

You have probably heard by now, that good old El Nino has returned! Every few years, this change in our climate brings heavy rain and the potential for floods. Are you ready for some wet weather? And more importantly, is your homeowner’s insurance policy ready to cover any damages that might occur?

Contrary to common belief, homeowner’s insurance does not actually cover all of the damages that could result from El Nino. You might believe that your insurance policy covers your home no matter what the cause of destruction, but this could be a costly mistake.

Homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover losses from fire, theft and that is normally dry”. While that definition sounds vague, it basically means that a regular homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover your home in the event that water or flowing mud enter your home from the outside. Flood insurance must be purchased separately if you want to protect your home from the potential of loss during this El Nino year.

But how likely is that loss? After years of drought, it can be difficult to imagine that floods would ever be a problem in our state. In fact, the recent dry periods are precisely the reason we all need to worry; parched, dry earth won’t absorb water as readily, creating much more runoff water that quickly spreads. There is a potential for flooding any time we experience excessive rainfall, but the likelihood of widespread damage is actually more serious after long periods of drought.

Even if you don’t live in a designated flood zone, flooding can occur in your neighborhood – especially in an el Nino year. Water is often said to be the most destructive force on Earth, and it could save your home.