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Experts Warn All Californians to Consider Flood Insurance Now

flooding in luxurious interior. 3d creative concept

After experiencing an extreme drought for the past year or so, it’s hard to imagine that a flooding problem could soon strike California. And yet, that’s exactly what many weather officials are warning will happen this winter. As always, the return of El Nino is likely to bring enormous amounts of rainfall, placing our state at risk of damage from floods.

In fact, it is the drought itself that is sparking so many concerns about winter flooding. In many places, the earth is so parched that even a small amount of rainfall could cause serious flooding. Dried soil does not absorb water readily, so water tends to stand it’s easy to see how even a small amount of rain could result in flooding.

All that stand purchasing flood insurance should be a high priority right now. In particular, FEMA has targeted Southern California as an area for high rainfall potential.

Remember, your homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage, defined as damage caused by water that enters the home from outside. Only a specific flood policy will cover damages resulting from this type of natural disaster.

As always when purchasing insurance coverage, think carefully about the size of your deductible. This is the amount that you must pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in. Choose a deductible that is affordable to you, so that you aren’t left scrambling to cover damages if the worst should happen.

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