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How Driving Infractions Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates

As you shop for a policy that is a good fit for your needs and for how long?

Writing a ticketThat, of course, depends partially upon your state of residence and how the Department of Motor Vehicles records driving infractions. Then, the infractions that do show on your record will impact your rates according to your insurance provider’s formula for assessing risk (but this also varies between states).

Since we’re in California, it helps to understand won’t be considered by your insurance company anymore. During that time, infractions such as speeding could cause as much as a 20 percent increase on your rates (according to a NerdWallet study).

However, more serious offenses, such as a DUI (driving under the influence) or a hit-and-run accident, remain on your record much longer. In California, you can expect to suffer the consequences of those actions for 13 years. The monetary consequences are more severe as well; a DUI can cause a 128 percent increase on your auto insurance rates (NerdWallet).

Finally, make sure you drive just as carefully when you travel out of state. Any accidents or infractions that occur in other states will still be reported to the California DMV, because this is where you are licensed to drive. So no matter where an incident occurs, it can and will impact your auto insurance rates for years to come.

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