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Distracted Driving Endangers Us All

car insuranceMost of us consider ourselves good drivers. We obey traffic rules, never drive while intoxicated, and the consequences could be serious.

The primary causes of distracted driving are:

  • Cell phone use – texting, emailing, calling, and updating your Facebook status while driving
  • Reaching for an object in the car that is rolling or moving around
  • Paying too much attention to something going on outside your vehicle (an accident, for example, or even an attractive pedestrian)
  • Reading -as unbelievable as that may sound!
  • Primping – applying makeup, brushing hair, and so forth
  • Attention diverted by children in the backseat
  • Any other activity which diverts your attention from the road

“Distracted driving” almost sounds like a cute nickname for a harmless activity, but traffic accidents aren’t so funny. Any accident carries with it the potential for serious injury or death. Even if no one is harmed, keep in mind that a minor fender bender is still recorded as an accident, and could cause your auto insurance rates to go up.

The most common cause of distracted driving is cell phone usage behind the wheel. In 2008, California actually adopted a law against cell phone usage while driving. Drivers over the age of 18 are allowed to use a hands-free device to make phone calls, but those under 18 are not allowed to use a cell phone in any manner while driving. So remember that if you violate these rules, you’re not only risking an accident but also facing the consequences of breaking a law. End conversations before getting behind the wheel, or pull over to send texts or make phone calls if something important comes up.