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Dental and Vision Insurance Enrollment Is Not Subject to Deadlines

Open Enrollment for health insurance is coming to a close this month. If you miss the deadline, you will most likely have to wait until fall if you need to make changes to your policy. Unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you will stay with the plan you selected during Open Enrollment. That can seem disappointing if you’ve decided that your healthcare needs have changed.

Woman look in ophthalmoscopeHowever, we do have some good news. If you want to add a dental and your wallet) just by giving us a call.

We often hear that customers spend money on health insurance premiums, while getting frustrated that they still need to spend more on dental visits or eye appointments. Luckily, a dental and vision insurance plan can be an inexpensive way to manage those expenses. When comparing policies, consider some of the following features:

  • Access to providers – can you select your own provider, or are you limited to in-network doctors? This might matter to you, if providers are limited in your area, or you want to stay with a favorite doctor.
  • Coverage limits – coverage for certain procedures can vary. A dental plan that covers 80 percent of routine fillings might cover only 50 percent of a root canal.
  • Waiting periods – you might be subject to a waiting period. However, some dental and vision insurance plans can be used right away.
  • Routine preventive care – is routine care covered at 100 percent? Or will you be subject to a co-pay?
  • Allowance for contact lenses or glasses – vision plans usually cover the cost of contact lenses or glasses, up to a limit.

Even though dental and many studies have linked dental health to hearth health. Occasionally, dental problems can actually cause severe illness in the rest of the body.

Call us with any questions that you have about dental and budget.