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What to Do if You Have a Car Accident

auto insuranceNo one expects to be in a car accident, but they happen every day to even the best drivers. When you have an accident you’re likely to be worried about several things, such as whether the accident was your fault or whether it will impact your auto insurance. The first thing to do is to check for injuries in yourself and don’ts:

Do pull your cars over to the shoulder if at all possible. This prevents a pile-up type of accident and keeps traffic moving smoothly.

Don’t drive away! If you’re driving without auto insurance, you might be afraid to get caught. However, the penalties for a hit and run accident are much more serious than the penalties for driving without insurance. You don’t want to make this mistake.

Do call the police and let the responding officer write an accident report, even if there are no injuries or serious damage to either vehicle. There are issues of liability which can be brought up later by the other party. You need to have a record of what exactly happened in the accident.

Don’t feel the need to start admitting fault right away. That will be sorted out later through the accident report. Just answer the officer’s questions truthfully and completely.

Do check on the condition of the other driver right away.

Don’t move an injured person who has a neck or head injury, unless of course their location puts them in imminent danger. Encourage them to lie very still until help arrives. There are some neck injuries which can be made worse by movement after the accident. Let the paramedics take care of serious injuries.

Do leave your name, address, and locate the owner first, but leave a note if you cannot do so.