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Backyard Pool Safety Tips for Homeowners

little boy swimming with mask in outdoor pool

Summer is in full swing, and the occasional visitor probably will.

We want you to have fun and keep everyone safe, so remember these safety tips if you have a backyard pool, or are thinking about installing one.

Surround your pool with a fence. A fence is the number one safety precaution for backyard pools. You absolutely must completely surround the pool with a barrier that keeps small children and pets out. And of course, a fence is worthless without a sturdy gate.

“Baby proof” your pool when you aren’t using it. Remove ladders or other access into the pool (this mostly applies to above-ground pools). Keep a cover on the pool, and remove all toys. Children often fall into pools because they were reaching for a floating toy.

Consider a pool alarm. Technology saves the day once again, in the form of pool alarms. This alarm will go off when the surface of the water is disturbed, so you’ll know immediately if someone has fallen into the water.

Teach children to swim. Enroll them in a local swim course, offered by the Red Cross, if you’re too nervous to teach them yourself.

Teach your children the rules. Make sure your child knows that they should never swim alone, and remind them that reckless behavior around the pool will not be tolerated.

Be prepared. Take a CPR course, purchase the appropriate safety equipment, andy reminders, such as a sign displaying CPR basics, or even a reminder to dial 911 in an emergency (you would be surprised at how many people forget this!).

Remember, too, that a backyard pool could change your homeowners insurance rates. If you’re wondering about the impact on your premiums, give us a call. We can discuss your policy to ensure that you have enough coverage, and answer any other questions that you might have.