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The AHCA Was Shot Down – What Now?

Stethoscope Lying on copy of the United States ConstitutionWe strive to keep you updated on the latest news in healthcare legislation, so just a few weeks ago we briefed you on the basics of the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), the proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, that legislation has failed to gain enough support in Congress, and has been withdrawn from consideration. This might leave you wondering, what’s next for healthcare reform?

The short answer to that question is that the ACA will stand your health insurance policy is set to continue unchanged.

But of course, there’s always more going on behind the scenes, politically speaking. Some lawmakers have said that they disagree with certain parts of the ACA, and it’s unlikely that they will simply cease to attempt reforms.

In particular, they might address the following issues individually:

  • Regulatory relief, in an attempt to stabilize the marketplace
  • Regulatory non-enforcement – in other words, certain aspects of the ACA might not be enforced in the future (such as the Individual Mandate)
  • Reform to some of the tax regulations associated with the ACA
  • The Administration might designate certain reform topics as state issues, to be decided by each state as they see fit

In other words, it doesn’t seem as though the ACA as a whole will be overturned any time in the near future. But changes in individual areas are always possible, as lawmakers continue to revise the tax code and address other topics.

We will continue to keep you updated on any changes to healthcare law, especially those which are made within the state of California. But for now, your healthcare plan should remain unchanged throughout this year. Going into 2018, you will need to complete the Open Enrollment process as always, and we will advise you of any new healthcare reform at that time.