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6 Tips for Beginner Drivers

auto insuranceYour teen is likely to be overjoyed at earning his drivers license, while you’re probably worried about everything from his safety to your auto insurance rates. Even if he passes his test with flying colors, driving in the real world is obviously much different than a test situation. Here are five tips that will protect both your teen and your budget.

1) No texting while driving! Accidents related to cell phone usage injure ands of people every year. Many more minor fender benders result from talking or texting on a phone. Even a minor accident that causes no injuries will cause your auto insurance premiums to increase. Make sure your teen knows to put the phone away while driving. Even better, tell her to silence it so that he’s not tempted to check it when it beeps.

2) Don’t drink alcohol, but if you do…. Make sure your teen knows the dangers of drinking and driving. You’ve probably taught your teen not to drink, but you’re also probably aware that he may give in to temptation at some point. One common strategy parents employ is to tell their child they will not be in trouble if they call for a ride when they need one. Sure, you’ll give them a lecture the next day when they’re sobered up, but let them know you’ll appreciate honesty in the case of a dangerous situation like this.

3) Speeding and so on) that causes your auto insurance premiums to go up, he will be paying the ticket as well as the increased cost of insurance.

4) Defensive driving is key. Teenagers are notorious know-it-alls, and anticipating their careless behavior.

5) The world is not your racetrack. Aside from speeding, common mistakes made by beginner drivers include braking abruptly and cause the need for costly repairs.

6) The radio can wait. Tell your teen to wait until she’s stopped to change the radio or hook up her Ipod. Distracted driving is about more than just cell phones. This goes for applying makeup or anything else that takes her attention off the road.