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6 Things Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Doesn’t Cover


homeowners insuranceFor most of us, our homes are our biggest financial investment, andard homeowners insurance polices:

Floods. If your home is damage due to water coming from above or inside the home – such as a roof leak or broken pipe – then cleanup and repairs due to water damage are usually covered by most homeowners insurance policies. Water damage due to outside flooding, such as rising water levels in a nearby river, are generally not covered. A separate flood insurance policy must be purchased.

Earthquakes. Like flood insurance, a separate earthquake insurance policy must be purchased in order to be covered in such an event. If, however, your home is damaged in a fire due to an earthquake, most homeowners insurance policies will cover that event as it would any other fire.

Trampoline and any other resulting court costs.

Injury or death due to swimming pools (in some cases). As long as certain safety measures are in place, most homeowners insurance policies will cover liability due to swimming pools. These measures might include building a fence and diving boards are common culprits in insurance coverage denial.

Injury due to dog attacks. Homeowners insurance will usually provide liability coverage for dog attacks on your property, provided your dog is not on a “high risk” breed list. This list can change annually, so ask your insurance company if your dog is on it.

Damage due to neglect. When routine maintenance is neglected, damages results from the neglect probably will not be covered under your insurance policy. Make sure to renew your termite bond at appropriate times, and mold.