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5 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing! Unfortunately, so are thieves and con artists. Criminals tend to increase their activities at this time of year, because they know we’re distracted and busy… Not to mention so many homes sit empty as millions of us travel to visit family out of town.

Burglars, in particular, are lured by the promise of expensive presents. Follow these guidelines to discourage them from targeting your home.

Use a timer to turn on outside lights and decorations. Most would-be thieves assume that the presence of holiday decorations means the family is staying home this year (whether you really are, or not).

Break down and recycle cardboard boxes. Placing a 60-inch 3D TV box out by the road is like setting up a billboard begging criminals to choose your home. Break down boxes so that they’re unrecognizable. Even better, drop them off at a recycling center rather than putting them out by the curb.

Customize your package delivery. Thieves don’t even need to break into your home, when they can simply swipe packages from your front porch. Contact your package delivery services and inquire about establishing delivery times, choosing an alternate drop-off location such as your back porch, or even holding your packages for pickup at their offices.

Lock up. Thieves don’t often enter through the front door. Check side doors, windows, and even over-sized pet doors before leaving home for any length of time.

Safeguard your car, too. Your home isn’t the only place that could be burglarized. When you’re out shopping, remember to lock packages in your truck or at least place them out of sight in the back seat. Also watch for suspicious followers who might be waiting for you to drop packages in your car and return to the mall.

If you’re adding expensive items to your household this holiday season, remember to consider your insurance needs. It might be time to check your homeowners insurance policy to be sure that it covers all of the new “contents” in your home. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you with that.