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3 Tips to Prevent Homeowners Insurance Claims

homeowners insuranceYour homeowners insurance policy is there for you when needed, helping to cover the cost of damages due to a storm, fire, or other disaster. It’s comforting to know you’re protected from unforeseen circumstances which you cannot possibly prevent. On the other hand, filing too many claims can cause increases in your premiums or loss of coverage altogether. So what can you do to maintain your protection? The answer is to prevent as many claims as possible, so that your coverage is still available when you really need it.

Since many smaller claims are due to preventable equipment failures, be sure to double check that these three systems are working correctly in your home:

Dishwasher and clogs which can cause leakage.

Security System. Your homeowners insurance policy may cover your possessions in the event of a burglary, but why take the risk when you can prevent theft instead? Take a few minutes each month to test your security system. Check all sensors, particularly around windows, to make sure they’re still attached and working properly. Replace the battery in your system every three to five years. Make sure to tell your homeowners insurance provider if you install a security system, because you may be able to save a little on your premiums.

Electrical wiring. Many fires originate from faulty electrical wiring. Any time you suspect a problem with wiring, consult with a qualified electrician immediately. Close any outside openings which may allow small animals to enter your attic and operating safely.