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3 Essential Questions About Term Life Insurance

iStock_000008633067SmallIt can be difficult to contemplate your own mortality, and even more challenging to assign a number to your own life’s worth. But purchasing the right life insurance policy protects the future financial health of your family, so it’s important to select the right policy. Ask yourself the following three questions when you begin shopping for a term life insurance policy:

What are my goals? It’s important to understand perhaps leave a legacy to your beneficiaries? Your purpose for purchasing a term life insurance policy will guide subsequent decisions.

How much coverage do I really need? Our lives are truly invaluable, and needs is important before you can assign an accurate number to your insurance coverage. Your insurance broker should be skilled at helping you through this process, so that you can select the policy that best protects you or your family.

Can I make changes to this policy later? You may anticipate that you will need more coverage later, but you can’t really afford a large permanent policy now. If so, you may want to select a term life insurance policy that allows you to convert to a different policy at some point in the future. Otherwise, as your needs change, you may need to shop for yet another life insurance policy to add to your existing one.