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10 Reasons to Get Your Eyes Checked

By April 6, 2018June 8th, 2018Health Insurance
Blog - 10 Reasons to Get Your Eyes Checked

Over time, vision can change. This is true whether you’re seven, or eighty-seven! And those changes can sneak up on you, seemingly undetected, until you begin to experience symptoms of a problem. That’s why we all need to schedule an annual vision exam, regardless of how well we “think” we can see. Plus, some eye changes actually signal other, more serious health conditions.

So, first of all, remember that the whole family needs to attend annual eye checkups. But if anyone in the family notices the following symptoms, it’s time to head right back to the eye doctor, because changes can suddenly appear.

  • Dryness, redness, or itching that doesn’t go away
  • Spots, flashing lights, or “floaters” in your field of vision
  • “Night blindness” – difficulty driving at night.
  • Looking at a TV or phone screen triggers eye strain or headaches
  • You’ve noticed that you need to hold books or newspapers farther from your face
  • You catch yourself squinting or closing one eye while reading or doing other activities
  • You frequently suffer dizzy spells, motion sickness, or experience difficulty following a moving target with your eyes.
  • You know that you have diabetes or other conditions known to affect the eyes (you need more frequent exams in this case)
  • Your last eye exam was more than one year ago
  • You noticed any other vision changes (especially if you suffered head trauma recently)

Vision exams often detect more than just changes in vision, because eye health is linked to many potentially serious disorders. A vision insurance plan for the entire family can keep your costs manageable, while allowing you to access this important care. Give us a call to discuss vision insurance plans, and we can help you decide if this type of policy is right for you and your family.